Monday, May 19, 2014

IBM Connections in the Cloud and Mobile Apps Have Been Updated

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This was an extremely busy for us for sure.  On Friday, my colleague, Baan Slavens announced the latest release of the IBM Connections Mobile app. And a few hours later our multi-tenant deployment of IBM Connections in the cloud was updated as well with the latest and greatest code.  The timing couldn't have been better!

And speaking of timing, we are just 2 days away from the May 21st webcast where we will be unveiling IBM Connections Next.  If you haven't registered yet, go ahead and register now and invite your friends, family, customers, partners, colleagues and everyone else.

So let's start with mobile.  I had given a quick preview of the new mobile app a couple of weeks ago in this teaser that I created.  The reaction over the weekend has been tremendous in the various social networks. I've captured a snapshot of the reactions below:

So go check out the new mobile app that's probably already updated in your device, or just go to the app stores and get it from there ( iOS or Android ).

And what did we do in our cloud? Well, you can see what's new in this presentation that I prepared below:

Now in the next couple of weeks, we'll take the code that's already in the cloud today, make a few adjustments and ship it to customers who would like to run this on-prem as IBM Connections Next.  See you on the May 21st webcast for IBM Connections Next!
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