Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Give Us Your Toughest Social Business Questions for Pardon the Interruption

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This quarter is proving to be a busy one. First, we are about to unveil IBM Connections Next in a little over a week.  If you haven't yet, take 2 minutes to go ahead and register for the May 21st event so that you can get all the details around IBM Connections Next.

Then on May 22nd, join us on the Live Q&A to answer your product questions around IBM Connections Next.

And if that's not enough, in June I'm going to be going to Prague for the IBM Connections User Group meeting.  As part of that event, I'll be participating in a session that follows the popular Pardon the Interruption format.

In this session, I will join the guy who fired himself from IBM and is now and independent and trusted social business consultant Luis Suarez.  Additionally, I'll join Brian O’Neill, an IBM Customer and IBM Champion to discuss your most difficult questions around social business (see below on how you can submit questions).

The concept is that we will have a lively, fast paced discussion on 12 to 14 IBM Connections and Social Business topics. We’ll have 3 minutes for each topic with 60 seconds for each one of us to answer. Stuart McIntyre will be the moderator for the discussion and yell at us if we go beyond our 60 seconds!
And the very best part of this session? To submit topics/ideas for us to discuss, tweet them using the #soccnxPTI hashtag. We’ll be monitoring this tag up to the week before the conference!
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