Monday, April 21, 2014

Get 5 minute tips on IBM Connections -- every day!

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If you got here, you are either a regular subscriber to this blog, a fan of IBM Connections, or you are looking for tips and tricks to get the most value out of the enterprise social collaboration platform. Maybe you have a question on how to drive adoption, how to tune your email notifications, how to better structure your community navigation, or you are looking to learn more about IBM Connections.

Jim Claussen, a colleague of mine in IBM, has decided to take it upon himself and created the AskJim podcast to provide 5 minute answers to IBM Connections questions -- daily! For the past 4 weeks he's kept up the pace and has produced 30 episodes so far.

To listen in you can just do it directly from here (see below) or you can download the SoundCloud app for your mobile device (iOS and Android). You know you want to listen to these episodes while on the go, working out, etc.

Oh and if you listen to episode 14, you'll learn how to embed this podcast directly on your Connections community so that all your community members can get value out of it!!

Let me know what you think and send questions to Jim via Twitter if you want your own question to be answered.

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