Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How To Customize the IBM Connections Mobile App for iOS, Android & BlackBerry

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Today IBM has published documentation on how to customize the mobile apps for IBM Connections. To customize the mobile apps, you need to have IBM Connections CR2 installed (which you can get from here). As the IT admin, you have the control on the following settings:

  • Allow iTunes Sharing - whether iOS users can transfer files to the app via iTunes
  • Allow Web Sharing - whether uses accessing Connections via a browser should be re-directed to download the native app
  • Remember Password - whether to allow end users to store their passwords in their device
  • The ability to enable/disable different components of Connections (e.g. enable Files but disable Wikis)
  • For Files, there's a set of additional configuration options:
    • Encryption - whether downloaded files should be encrypted
    • Allow Upload/Download
    • Allow Export - whether downloaded files can be shared with other apps/folders
  • The name of the app and module can be fully configured
  • SSO authentication options (Siteminder, SPNEGO, etc)
  • Ability to add new applications to the app

If you haven't seen them yet, I've recorded a demo showing the latest Android and iOS apps. Here they are again.

iOS (iPad):


To access the documentation, click here

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