Friday, July 27, 2012

Chances Are Becoming a Social Business WILL Benefit Your Organization

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This week I've been heads down working on several projects (and anxiously trying to pull away to install Mountain Lion on my Macs).

This week has already consisted of two analyst briefings, a recording for the Taking Notes podcast (to talk about IBM Connections App Dev), Connections "Next" launch planning, Connections "Next"++ planning (more about this later) and, of course, the typical customer meetings.

Last night, I stumbled onto the latest presentation from my colleague Louis Richardson. The presentation asks the question "What are the chances... ?" and I'm sure that you will all find yourselves in at least one of his slides.

For example, as a mobile worker it could be difficult for me to stay "in the know" about the latest information, projects and topics that interest me.  My solution?  I use IBM Connections, IBM's social business platform, to stay in the know (and its awesome mobile apps). If it wasn't for Connections I just couldn't be as effective as I am given I work mostly from home.

If you are still "on the fence" about whether your organization should embark on a social business journey, take a peek at the presentation here: 

Did you find yourself in a slide?  Maybe in more than one?  What did you think?
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