Thursday, August 2, 2012

IBM Connections App Dev Contest Now In Progress

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Many developers are quickly ramping up and building solutions for social business platforms. Because IBM's social business platform is the one with the biggest market share worldwide, we are seeing a large amount of partners and ISVs building solutions for our platform.

Earlier this week, OpenNTF announced the 4th Development Contest and this time around it's focused on IBM Connections.

OpenNTF Chairman Bruce Elgort is quoted saying:

IBM Connections is now the platform of choice for companies embracing social business and I am extremely happy that this fourth development contest has a category specifically for it. I am eager to see what the awesome development community will development and submit to the contest.

Bruce also runs the Taking Notes Podcast and in the latest episode the podcast is focused solely on application development for IBM Connections. In the podcast, I cover an overview of the extension points and APIs available. The podcast also features Kudos, a gamification solution for IBM Connections and how it was built for that platform. To listen to the episode, check it out here.   

Additionally, if you haven't played with the Social Business Toolkit my colleague, Konrad Lagarde, has published a tutorial that explains how to use the toolkit to build apps for our cloud-based solution. As you'll see in the video below, Konrad uses the toolkit directly on his Mac. The toolkit is a simple-to-use wizard which guides the developer through a series of steps to create the building blocks for the app along with the OAuth dance. Here's that video:

So what are you waiting for? It's never been easier to build apps for IBM Connections!

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