Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Office Space's TPS Reports (May) Go Social At SXSW 2013

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Earlier this week, Suzanne Livingston shared that SXSW voting is now open for the 2013 conference. I had a great time attending the SXSW 2012 conference and would love to speak again at the conference.

Suzanne and I have submitted our abstracts so let me tell you about them.

First, I think is one that is going to be loved by all fans of the movie Office Space. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend that you check it out (it's in Netflix right now). A funny scene in the movie is when an employee is reprimanded when not formatting their "TPS" report properly. So at SXSW we want to talk about how you can make that TPS report social! You can watch the scene below:
Second, we are proposing a panel so attendees can learn how companies have transformed their cultures to create a more engaged workforce, accelerate innovation, and lead in social business. With only 8% of organizations leveraging social collaboration tools across the entire enterprise, I truly believe that we need to do more to get this going and starting by transforming the corporate culture is key.

Would you like these to be part of the SXSW 2013 agenda? So do I!!! So here's how you can help out.

Please comment and vote on the following two abstracts. (Note: to vote, you need to be signed in):
1) Yes, that TPS report can be social, too -
2) Corporate Culture shock: when strategy isn't enough -

Discussions on the abstracts are highly important, so don't forget to comment. Also, while you are in the PanelPicker site, you may want to check out the other sessions submitted by other IBMers:
Thanks for voting and commenting!
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