Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Social Scheduling Now in IBM Connections

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IBM Business Partner Intravision has created a great integration point between OnTime Group Calendar and IBM Connections. If you haven't heard or used OnTime before I suggest you check them out. They provide an awesome add on with a powerful and very slick group calendar interface.

OnTime also allows you to work with group calendars even when you are on the go by providing mobile access from your favorite mobile device.

The new integration point brings the power of OnTime Group Scheduling into communities in IBM Connections. The following video shows a demo of the integration. It shows a community being created in IBM Connections for team collaboration. One of the challenges of building a team is finding the people with the right skills at the right time. IBM Connections already makes it super easy to find people based on skills. This integration point, allows you to see someone's availability right on their Profile page within IBM Connections.

Once you have everyone in the community, you can quickly see everyone's availability today by just hovering over the names of team members, or you can even see a nice graphical representation for everyone's availability any date/time.

Finally, the Social Scheduling widget allows you to find people from various departments that are available at any given time. Very cool!!! Check out the quick video below:

This is a great example of the extensibility of IBM Connections via widgets. If you are interested in learning more about this, go to . And congratulations to the team for being nominated for a Lotusphere 2012 #ls12 award in the "Enabling Business Innovation through Social Collaboration".

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