Monday, December 12, 2011

LotusLive Connections Upgraded This Weekend

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Over this past weekend, we finalized some upgrades to LotusLive Connections, our multi-tenant IBM Connections solution in the cloud. This update adds some great new capabilities to Communities, Files, Activities, and Profiles. Here's a couple of my new favorite features:
  • Community business owner can give ownership to another person
  • Community file folders for communities that you belong to are now shown under 'Folders shared with Me'
  • Easily link to Files from Activities
  • Parity with IBM Connections Files (which means, for example, new drag-n-drop capabilities!)
  • Instant messaging presence information in the business card
  • Limit scope of a community to an organization only
  • ProjExec has been integrated into LotusLive. ProjExec Live enables project managers to create, plan, execute and track projects using a professional Gantt editor that synchronizes with Microsoft Project. Invite other LotusLive users as project members and collaborate securely using a multi-project activity stream called the Project Wall. ProjExec Live is an intuitive, mobile-friendly solution to effectively manage and deliver projects of any size. More information is available in the wiki page for ProjExec. If you haven't seen ProjExec yet, here's a demo.
I'm so excited to have this release out. The team has worked tremendously to get this out, so congratulations to everyone!! For more information on What's New in this release, go here.
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