Thursday, December 15, 2011

AppFusions Integrates IBM Connections and Atlassian's JIRA

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Earlier this week, AppFusions published a great video where they show integration of IBM Connections and Atlassian JIRA . If you are not familiar with JIRA, JIRA helps development teams connect, track bugs, defects, plan agile development and more. (I'm not sure if JIRA is an acronym or not, though)

Part of JIRA is an activity stream where you can see what's happening across the projects you belong to. As part of the integration, AppFusions has created a widget that can be deployed in the Connections home page.

Once the administrator deploys the widget and quickly configures it to connect to the JIRA backend, end-users will be able to see what's happening in JIRA directly from Connections. Actions that occur in JIRA are immediately reflected in Connections. Very cool.

Check out the quick 1 minute demo:

AppFusions will be an exhibitor at Lotusphere 2012 #ls12 so make sure you stop by their booth to learn more or check out the solution in the Lotus App Catalog.

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