Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Started with Social Media

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Are you interested in getting your feet wet with Social Media? IBM has created a page solely dedicated to educating businesses on how to get started with social media.

The Getting Started with Social Media page is aimed at IBM Business Partners and provides various guides to help partners better understand how to use this new medium, decide if and how to use it, and how to use key tools to get the most value out of it.

Here's what you will find there:

Because this is targeted for IBM Business Partners, you do need an account with PartnerWorld. So all of you business partners that are reading this, go ahead and download these guides today.

Technorati has also picked this up and it's available here. It's encouraging to see that Technorati is asking other companies to imitate what IBM is doing:

[...] it's great to see companies being more proactive and aggressive with their social media use. Here's hoping other large corporations--and small ones--follow IBM's lead.

The author of the Technorati article, however, is not aware of all the great things that IBM is doing in the social space. Hopefully, he posts a follow up.

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