Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bookmark simultaneously to Lotus Connections and

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Earlier today I received a ping from one of my favorite customers. He showed QuixApp a nice bookmarklet that basically lets you do whatever you want. He thought this would be a good idea, for example, to create a bookmarklet that would simultaneously bookmark a page both in Lotus Connections and in

I immediately answered that this has been available for a while, internally at IBM. The following bookmarklet was created by Sacha Chua and if you are browsing an internal page (e.g. then the page is only bookmarked in Lotus Connections. If you are browsing an extranet site (e.g. ) then the page will be tagged in both services (you don't want internal/confidential pages to be accidentally saved to, right?).

Before you can use it with your own Lotus Connections deployment, you'll have to customize it a bit. Once you look at the code, you'll see something like this:


The first step is to change that from to whatever your company's hostname is. Next, you'll want to change the Lotus Connections URL. In the code you'll see something like this:


Again, change that to match the deployment of your organization and voilá.

IBMers: Drag and drop it to your bookmarks bar: tag this

According to Sacha, the bookmarklet builder was very handy during the creation of this bookmarklet.

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