Monday, January 25, 2010

Demo: New BlackBerry Client for Lotus Connections

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Last month, there was a press release announcing the new version (2.0) of the BlackBerry Client for Lotus Connections. While the press release was a bit confusing, it announced that the new client would be available on May 8th. What wasn't clear is that it was only going to be available to select customers.

Earlier today, I stumbled upon this great demo by Fred Clarke which gives a tour of the new client capabilities.

One of the most distinctive changes in this new client is that we now have native applications for all of the Lotus Connections modules. In the 1.x version of the client, only Profiles and Dogear had native applications, the rest required you to launch the browser, which was, at times, slow.

From the looks of the demo, the interaction is extermely fast. I believe this new client will be very powerful for our customers and their mobile workforce. This is definitely going to enhance Enterprise2.0 for the mobile world, something that I haven't seen any other Enterprise2.0 vendors doing. And this is a nice complement to the new mobile interface for iPhone users.

Enjoy! (and thanks to RIM for doing this for us!)

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