Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recap from IBM's Smarter Planet Event in Puerto Rico

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As I announced two weeks ago, yesterday was the local IBM Smarter Planet event in Puerto Rico. The attendance at the activity was very good and it included business partners, (potential) customers, and representatives from the government of Puerto Rico. In fact, Juan Eugenio Rodriguez de Hostos, the newly appointed CIO for the government of Puerto Rico, was one of the speakers there. He talked about Puerto Rico's effort to move towards Government 2.0. The new CIO office (created just 5 months ago) has the following goals:

  1. Create an electronic Puerto Rico with virtual education and tele health
  2. Make more gov services avail to our citizens 24/7/365 via any interface: phone, web, mobile, face-2-face, etc
  3. Deploy systems to improve cost efficiency of intra government transactions
  4. Ensure privacy and protection of citizen information by relying on digital signatures and security standards

IBM's Chief Economist, Dr. Philip Swan, was also at the event. He talked about the current state of the economy and showed us a bunch of data that he says scientifically prove that the economy is about to turn around within a month or so. I sure hope so!

At the event, I was tasked to present on Smarter Work: Collaboration Approaches for a Connected World. I don't have much slideware to share since it was mostly a demo and my own personal stories of collaboration successes. I find that a demo is often more effective than conceptual slideware that don't show anything.

I think the presentation was well received by the attendees. I constantly saw heads nodding (hopefully in agreement, maybe because they wanted me to speed up and get it over with.. ). One attendee said it was the best session, and another said that I can't hide the passion that I have for this stuff. That caught me by surprise... I guess I like this stuff too much.

One thing that I still need to figure out is how to compress an effective demo in 20-25 minutes. Right now, I'm wishing that every time I demo our collaboration solutions I would have 3 hours to show all the cool stuff we have.

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