Thursday, June 4, 2009

Advising Your Clients on Web 2.0: International, Privacy & Security Considerations

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Seems like June is the month of the briefings. You may remember that last week I mentioned I'll be doing a collaboration with social software one in Puerto Rico. Yesterday, I told you about Jeff Schick's briefing in New York. Today, I learned about a new briefing that's coming up in a couple of weeks called: Advising Your Clients on Web 2.0: International, Privacy & Security Considerations.

Regardless of you talk about web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, social software, etc, these capabilities are changing the way organizations and individuals communicate, collaborate and promote themselves. Whether you embrace it or simply monitor it, clients need informed legal advice in this fast-changing area.

Speakers from IBM, Kodak, and Bristows will discuss privacy issues around social software, and Enterprise 2.0. I thinks this audiocast will be extremely valuable for those international organizations with presence in Europe. Additionally, it will be of great value for those who:

  1. must provide counsel to clients on the risks of internal or external use of social media, or
  2. have to draft organizational policies to protect intellectual capital (like IBM's Social Computing Guidelines)

Here's an excerpt of the agenda:

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Legal issues for organizations who operate or market outside of the United States

  • Special focus on how international data protection regulations apply to social media

  • Case study: Governance and risk management by leading global brands that have embraced social media  

To register for the audio cast, and view more details on the event, go here.

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