Thursday, June 11, 2009

Collaboration Matters Podcast - The Twins Go At It!

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And now for the English version (a spanish version of the podcast review is available here)! A while back, I participated in a podcast recording with my 'twin brother' Luis Suarez , and Stuart McIntyre and Neil Burston, IBM business partners who run the Collaboration Matters blog. In this podcast we tackle our favorite topic social software and enterprise 2.0.

Here's a quick timeline of the podcast:

1:00 - Welcome

1:20 - Review of Connectr session (stuartmcintyre)

4:50 - Microsoft spies and integration (lbenitez)

7:50 - Status of social software in the enterprise (elsua)

10:50 - Nurturing internal communities (elsua)

14;25 - Embedding social software into existing processes (elsua)

18:20 - Who drives social software adoption in an organization? (elsua)

20:30 - Social Software only requires viral adoption ? (lbenitez)

22:00 - "If one fails, we all fail" - (elsua)

24:30 - Integrating one off solutions (lbenitez)

26:50 - Lessons learned (stuartmcintyre)

28:55 - Closing

You can download the podcast directly from this blog entry, or better yet, subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes by clicking here.

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