Monday, August 11, 2008

My first video on YouTube

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Over the weekend I started to play with YouTube as an active user (meaning not just a lurker like the majority of the social software audience, but rather a person who actually uploads videos).

The first challenge I had was figuring out a username for my account. As you would expect, my preferred choice of lbenitez was unavailable. I tried different combinations of my name and all were taken. I finally came up with lbenitez3000. I was going to go with lbenitez2008, but I figured that would go old in 4 months. And while I don't expect to live 992 years more, I figured a number of 3000 was certainly safe enough into the future to last my entire lifetime (which I do hope is longer than 4 months).

My first video was about me teaching my 5 month old boy how to upload videos to YouTube from our iMac. My second video was shot today just before bath time. My wife and I could tell he was a bit tired so were trying to keep him awake as much as we could. I started playing with him and asked my wife to record. Here's those 87 seconds just before bath time.


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