Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A couple of changes here...

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2739478698_5754c26b8c.jpg?v=0Based on feedback from @ITSInsider and @elsua, I've gone ahead and started to create a brand for myself. Therefore, I'm now broadcasting from If you still go to the old address, you'll be re-directed to this new one. Unfortunately, it'll probably take Google a couple of days/weeks to replace the old address with the new one.

200808061415.jpgI also wanted to call your attention to a new feature in my blog. I wanted to make it easy for users to share blog entries with their friends. I also wanted to keep things simple. I've seen some blogs where all the icons for sharing a blog take about 10-30% of the screen!! I reached out to my network in Twitter and asked people what were their favorite social bookmarking engines to figure out which ones I should add.

I was alerted to a nice solution by @curiousmitch. You'll notice that at the end of each blog entry, there's a ShareThis button. Also to the right of each page, you'll find the ShareThis widget.

Clicking on the link brings up the following dialog:


This has a couple of nice features:

  • You can do social bookmarking, post to Facebook, MySpace and others, or send via email (eeck!)
  • The sites are automatically sorted based on popularity
  • New sites are automatically added
  • If you don't see your favorite site here, you can click more on the lower right hand corner of the window
  • It doesn't take a lot of screen space, until expanded

See, I'm trying to adapt to your needs! Enjoy!

(oh and if you can update your links to point to, I would appreciate it. Feed readers should be ok since they go through FeedBurner).

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