Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Demo: Measure the Success of IBM Connections with Community Metrics

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One of the important aspects of a social business platform such as IBM Connections Cloud is to monitor the health and usage of communities / team sites. IBM Connections provides a comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative metrics that help measure the business value of IBM Connections in your organization.Metrics in IBM Connections allows community managers or System Admins view information on how users are participating on Connections, the content in Connections, and how people are visiting different portions of the product.

Community owners or managers need the ability to monitor the adoption and participation in their community. The Community Metrics component lets owners see metrics based on users, participation within the community, and content in the community. Additionally there are metrics for each application within a community under ‘All Metrics.

Here's a quick 3 minute demo that I created so you can see how it works.

Equivalent functionality is available for the org admins to see metrics at the global level across all communities deployed in the system.

To learn more or to start a trial, go to

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