Wednesday, November 4, 2015

IBM Insight 2015 - Check Out What You Missed

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Last week was a wild ride over at IBM Insight 2015. The IBM Verse and IBM Connections teams were there to share the latest about our products. It was a great opportunity to meet new customers, partners, and fellow IBMers.

One of the highlights of the conference, was the Super Session by my colleague Rob Koplowitz. He co-presented with Jason Silva, the host of the TV show Brain Games (catch it on Netflix). You can watch a replay of his session here:

I co-presented on 3 different sessions around Application Development on top of our cloud platform, Mobile Collaboration, and working with content with IBM's enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) offering, IBM Connections. A key capability here that I wanted to cover was the latest and greatest around IBM Docs. We actually have a major release of IBM Docs coming up here very soon. And given that IBM Docs seamlessly works with IBM Content Navigator it was really well received. If you have IBM Content Navigator, don't forget to take advantage of your entitlement to IBM Docs today!

I've uploaded the presentations so you can see the content that was shared.

So what's next ? You NEED to come to IBM Connect 2016 in January 2016. In fact, John Hernandez invites you personally:

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