Wednesday, November 25, 2015

IBM Connections Cloud November 2015 Release is Now Live !

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It's a new month, so we have a new monthly release of our IBM Connections Cloud platform now available! This release focuses on improvements to files and our mobile capabilities. 

To start off, if you are using the Mac file sync plug-in, you now have more visibility to understand the status of sync for each file directly from the Mac Finder:

On the mobile side, we've now made it easier to respond and participate in polls & surveys created in Communities:

This will require a mobile app update which will be in the app stores soon!  

The other component that got many upgrades is IBM Docs. First off, the maximum number of co-editors in a co-editing session increased from 10 to 20. Of course, you can still share a file with as many editors as you want. Check out the updates to the different editors:

Documents editor
  • In co-editing, you can hover over an editor's underlined changes to display his or her name. 
  • Orphan and widow control in paragraph breaks, accessed from the Format > Paragraph Properties menu.

Presentations editor
  • The presentation file size limitation is increased from 30MB to 50MB.
  • In .pptx files, you can set line type and line weight for shapes. You can also set line endpoints for arrows and lines.
set line weight and type

Spreadsheets editor
  • You can create and edit data validation criteria.
  • You can copy images from external applications and then, in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11, paste them into the spreadsheets editor. 
  • A 3D reference formula is now available. 
  • You can drag images from the desktop and drop them into spreadsheets.

File Viewer
  • The presentation file size that can be viewed is increased from 30MB to 50MB.
  • A formula with a 3D reference can be correctly calculated in Viewer.
There's more new features that you can check out here.
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