Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Announcing IBM Connections 4.5 IFR2: Advanced content editing for all!

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Now that you know how the IBM Connect 2014 OGS demo was built, let's get into the nitty gritty and recap the announcements that were made.

Shortly after the keynote, I had the opportunity to deep dive into the roadmap for IBM Connections together with our lead architect. So what did we talk about ?

Well, it turns out that a big item that we talked about was today's announcement.

Today, we are announcing our first delivery for 2014: IBM Connections 4.5 IFR2. This release provides an entitlement change to allow all of our IBM Connections 4.5+ customers to use an advanced rich text editor.

This advanced editor streamlines content creation allowing users to focus on creating and sharing content and not on formatting.  This in turn accelerates adoption and usage across the enterprise. The new advanced rich text editor adds several features such as:
  • High fidelity copy/paste from Microsoft Word or a web browser
  • Inline spell checking as-you-type, with alternatives and synonyms
  • Embedding of social media links
  • Track changes and commenting
  • Hyperlink checking
  • Content templates
  • and more... 
Here's a quick demo so you can see it in action:

The download for the new editor will be available on Thursday February 13th when we officially eGA IBM Connections 4.5 IFR2. This new editor is powered by Ephox which some of you may already be using inside WebSphere Portal and/or Domino. Update 14/February/2014: The Ephox team has put together a new video:

How's that for starting the year on a positive note ? I'll share more about the announcements from IBM Connect in upcoming posts.
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