Monday, January 20, 2014

IBM Connect is almost here which means... roadmaps!

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We are now 6 days away from IBM Connect 2014 which means it's time for roadmaps !

Simon Vaughan is one of the IBM Champions and one of the leaders of the IBM Connections Users community, where all IBM Connections feature requests go.

He recently did some analysis on the ideas and votes that have been submitted. Here's a summary of what he captured and sent my way:
  • 539 ideas have been submitted since March 30th 2011
  • 243 ideas were submitted in 2013
  • 108 total ideas have been graduated and are now in the Connections product! 
  • 68 ideas where added into the product in 2013 in 2013 alone!
  • 9574 total votes from 1661 members of the community (an increase of 499 users year over year). 
I'm very happy with the results. The customer base for IBM Connections is truly engaged and giving us some great feedback! And we are executing on those as fast as we can. In fact, next week at IBM Connect 2014, I'll be talking about the roadmap for IBM Connections.  You will see that many of the ideas will be incorporated. 

And this means that if you want to see your ideas in the product, you have to vote for them (and submit your idea if they are not there yet) ! 
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