Monday, June 3, 2013

KangoGift brings employee recognition to IBM Connections

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It's the beginning of June and this promises to be another month filled with great news around enterprise social business. Let's start with another example of the continuously growing IBM Connections ecosystem. KangoGift, a platform that helps companies deliver and measure informal employee recognition in a fun and meaningful way, has announced that it has become a partner with IBM and has integrated their solution with IBM Connections.

Lately, I'm hearing that more and more companies are looking to enable this within their organizations and with this new solution they can get started very quickly. Here's how KangoGift put it in their blog announcing this new solution last week:

Now from Connections, if a colleague went above and beyond on a project, you can say thank you, include real gift like dinner at Macaroni Grill, share the praise with your network, and add a positive data point to the colleague's performance dashboard.

We know from working with large organizations, that employees crave a way to give timely praise and reinforce great work. And the ability to attach a small gift strengthens the impact. And with this integration, companies don't have to implement a stand alone recognition platform.

KangoGift has taken advantage of the many extensibility options of IBM Connections and integrated seamlessly into the Connections user experience.


Check out the 1 minute video that they prepared to see how this works:


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