Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's New in IBM SmartCloud Connections - June 2013 Release

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Earlier this week, I announced the availability of a new release of IBM SmartCloud Connections, our multi-tenant offering of our marquee social collaboration platform. This offering provides the social business tools you need to work with colleagues, customers, and partners, including file sharing, instant messaging, and communities.

In my blog post from earlier this week, I shared a demo video with some of the highlights (read: my favorite features) of the new release. Since the announcement, however, I've been approached many times asking for a complete list of what's new in this particular release. Therefore, I wanted to take an opportunity and share that over here:

Additionally, I've created a presentation that provides an overview of the features currently available in our cloud offering. I've embedded the presentation below:

And in the spirit of making sure there's a lot of information out there, I've also gathered the official videos into a playlist so you can go through the different videos. My recommendation is that you go through and embed these videos and share with your colleagues to give them a tour of the new features and capabilities.


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