Thursday, March 21, 2013

New IBM Connections Plug-Ins for IBM Notes 9 Now Available

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In conjunction with the new IBM Notes 9.0 release today, we have also just released the latest IBM Connections plug-ins for the best email client available delivering the world's first social email experience to the market.

The new plug-in adds support for:

  • IBM Notes 9.0
  • IBM Connections 4.5
  • Mac OS X 10.8
  • Windows 8

Additionally, the Connections business card has now been redesigned and the plug-in now provides a single installer to enable all the integration points to Connections: microblogging, file sharing, and tasks. As you probably know the plug-in allows you to:

  • Attach a file to a status update
  • Like / unlike a status update
  • Activity stream integration allows to monitor updates for all Connections services
  • Search by people and communities
  • Post status letting your colleagues know what you are doing
  • View status for people in your network
  • Comment on status updates
  • Delete your status or associated comments
  • Forward an update by email
  • View or post updates from the icon in the system tray when you are not working in the Notes client
  • Keep up with updates for people you follow
  • Lock/unlock files
  • Upload files for your own use or to share with others
  • Drag and drop an attached file or a file from your desktop to Files
  • Drag and drop or copy and paste a file from Files to your desktop
  • Send an HTML link to a file
  • Search for people or communities
  • Sort files for easier browsing
  • Detach the Files window from the Notes sidebar

So if you are upgrading to IBM Notes 9.0 and/or IBM Connections 4.5 you must get this plug-in today! To learn more about IBM Notes 9, check out this 90 second video from Ed Brill:

And for a demo of these features check out:

To download the new plug-in, you can get it from our app catalog over here.

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