Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Announcing IBM Connections 4.5

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Today is a big day ! Following up on our previews at IBM Connect 2013, today we have updated all of our pages to reflect this new release: IBM Connections 4.5! This release comes exactly 6 months after the huge release of 4.0 back in September of last year.

I've already talked a little about IBM Connections 4.5 and of course I showed it at IBM Connect. If you weren't at IBM Connect, or couldn't get to my session, here's the slides that were shown:

The big focus of IBM Connections 4.5 is the new Content Manager add-on which brings the power of content management and combines it with the power of the IBM Connections social platform. The add-on is part of the core IBM Connections installer so there's nothing else to install! Content Manager:

The feedback so far from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. So now, to really learn everything about IBM Connections Content Manager, you should come to the live webcast tomorrow. I'll be in the webcast to do a demo so you MUST attend.

Click on the button below to register!

One final note, there are now three license levels you can buy:

  • IBM Connections Suite 4.5 - social + content + unified communications (this is what I'll demo tomorrow)
  • IBM Connections Content Manager 4.5 - social + content
  • IBM Connections 4.5 - social networking and collaboration platform
Get your servers ready !
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