Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To Give Quickr Domino 8.5 the new OneUI look

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Two weeks ago I blogged about how to make the Connection 3.0 UI look-n-feel like Quickr Domino 8.5. I've also received some questions on how to do the reverse. In other words, how to give Quickr Domino 8.5 the new look-n-feel in Connection 3.0+.

I asked the Chief Architect for Quickr Domino (Albert Wang) to see if he could pull this together. Very quickly he turned around and not only demonstrated that we can do this, but also created an article explaining how to implement this in your own system. Here's how Quickr looks with the new look-n-feel:

For instructions on how to do this, visit this article:


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