Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Latest on the Quickr Connectors

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As Lotusphere #ls11 is now a dot in the rear view mirror, I'm still getting swamped with questions around the Quickr Connectors. For those of you who may not know, the connectors are a great way to get files in and out of team places. It integrates directly into your instant messaging client, email client (Notes and Outlook) and even to your Windows desktop. All of the actions available in the web UI are also available natively in the desktop (which really helps drive adoption).

In fact, I was surprised as I talked to customers from all over the world, their only interface with team places was through the connectors. Very few seem to use the Web UI. It was great to see how many people were leveraging this to improve their productivity. Here's a screenshot of how the integration looks in the desktop.

And because most people seem to rely more on the connectors than the web UI, I heard a lot of questions around future support. The top two questions?

  1. When will the Quickr Connectors support Windows Explorer on Windows 7 64-bit?
  2. When will the Quickr Connectors integrate natively (ribbon) into Microsoft Office 2010?

The questions were answered throughout various sessions at Lotupshere, including Ask The Product Managers which Mitch Cohen liveblogged (and you should go back and read if you haven't yet). In fact, in that session, Mac Guidera, the product manager for Quickr Connectors, announced that we have been working on it and should be available later this year.

As I mentioned before, post-Lotusphere I've also been swamped with these questions, so I figured I would recap the latest public information here and have something I can point others to very easily. If you want to know more details about the specifics and dates of when the Quickr Connectors will be updated, stay tuned to Mac's blog and this blog and you'll be the first to know.

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