Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Drag-N-Drop Files in Quickr 8.5

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During Lotusphere #ls11 , and the days after, I've heard the same question a couple of times: what can we done to easily allow files to be drag-n-dropped into a place. This was doable in 8.2 if you were using Internet Explorer since we had an ActiveX control. The ActiveX control allowed you to easily drag-n-drop files from your Windows computer into a place in a snap.
The control, however, had some performance issues and it was highly requested by a vast number of customers that we remove it. In 8.5 we removed the control and we finally were able to build a UI that worked and behaved the same in all browsers that we supported. Our expectation was that most customers would simply use the connectors (which I heard is how 95% of people use Quickr) to achieve this same functionality.
Some customers, however, are wondering how can they get this functionality back. One of our developers from our Dublin lab has documented how to do this in the Quickr Wiki so that you can re-add this capability to Quickr 8.5 as shown below:

Once you follow the instructions, you will have a Java applet which will let you drag-n-drop files into Quickr. As an added bonus, because it's Java, it should work cross-platform. If you need this capability, simply follow the step-by-step instructions here.
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