Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pre-Order: Planning and Implementing Social Software for your Enterprise with Lotus Connections 2.5

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Amazon has just posted the 2nd edition to the Lotus Connections 2.5 book. You can pre-order it today from Amazon.

Table of contents:

  • Assessing the potential value of social networking to your business
  • Building dynamic networks of coworkers, partners, and customers that promote innovation and business agility
  • Understanding the core services Lotus Connections 2.5 provides and the unique way in which they integrate
  • Leveraging Lotus Connections’ consistent multitiered architecture
  • Successfully planning for technical infrastructure and organizational change
  • Walking through a best-practice installation and configuration process
  • Building effective communities for employees with shared interests
  • Using blogs to improve communications and overcome organizational silos or time zone differences
  • Helping individuals and groups organize their work through Activities
  • Performing administrative tasks such as customizing look-and-feel, collecting statistics, and troubleshooting
  • Using plug-ins to integrate with Lotus Notes®, Microsoft® Office®, Outlook®, Windows® Explorer, Lotus Sametime®, and WebSphere® Portal
  • Displaying useful, up-to-the-minute information with prebuilt widgets
  • Utilizing Lotus Connections’ REST-based API to create new integration points and build custom applications


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