Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Opening bookmarks in a new window

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Today I got to enjoy Toronto again. I was here 3 weeks ago setting up an environment for a potential customer. Last time I was here, they didn't have a Notes 8.5.1 which was released just 16 days ago. It's interesting to see the customer's perception of Connections with Notes 8.5.1. They are completely loving the integrated suite of products all working together in harmony. The 4 hours that I was there, they just wouldn't stop congratulating me for the work that we've done integrating Notes, Sametime and Connections together.

I, of course, don't get any credit for this. All credit goes to the development team for their great work. Not sure if the development team will see this (they are probably heads down now getting ready for Lotusphere), but your work is appreciated.

Anyway, there was one customization that customer wanted: open bookmarks in a new window. Here's the customization that I made in case you would like to do the same in your environment.

  1. Go to the Lotus Connections server
  2. Go to the following directory: <WAS_PROFILE_ROOT>/installedApps\<cellname>\Dogear.ear\dogear.webui.war\h3\jsp\main
  3. Save a backup of bookmark.jspf, currentBookmark.jspf
  4. Open the files with your favorite text editor
  5. Look for this:
    <a id="bmlink_${}" onmouseover....
  6. Add target="_blank" before id so that it looks like this:
    <a target="_blank"id="bmlink_${}" onmouseover
  7. Save and close the files
  8. "Touch" h3.jsp
  9. Delete the directory: <WAS_PROFILE_ROOT>\temp\*
  10. Clear browser cache
  11. Reload Bookmarks


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