Friday, April 24, 2009

My First Lotus SalesTalk

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As I had hinted last week, earlier this week I had the chance to present at my first Lotus SalesTalk. The topic was: New Features In Lotus Connections v2.5 Help You Close Deals Easier. We had 100 attendees and some great questions both via the teleconference as well as through Unyte. I co-presented with Larry Oglesby and Stephen Londergan. They actually went through the actual 6-7 slides and I got to do the cool stuff: the actual demo!

If you are an IBMer, check the internal version of this blog for the presentation and recording. Business Partners, I think you have access through PartnerWorld. Anywho, based on the comments from IBMers' status updates and the Twitter stream, most enjoyed and liked the demo.

As you listen to the recording (or if you witnessed the demo live), you'll notice that I focused on the business value of each new feature. I hope that it helps you when positioning 2.5 with your customers. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cover everything that I wanted or even show some of the new stuff that wasn't even announced at Lotusphere.   

(IBMers/BPs: check my internal blog for more details.)

Overall, it was a great experience. Sametime Unyte held up and there were no technical glitches. I hope to be invited to do more SalesTalks like this in the future.

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