Monday, June 18, 2007

Moving on to Lotus Connections

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For now, I'm moving on to Lotus Connections.  As part of my duties, I'm currently building enablement materials that explain how to customize and brand a particular implementation of Lotus Connections.  Additionally, I'm working on some materials around the APIs and how they can be used to integrate Lotus Connections with 3rd party products.  Development sent me a link to their internal Wiki where developers are posting some API samples, which I thought is great.

I'm also the WW Community Leader for the Lotus Social Software community.  Jeff Shick, VP of Lotus Social Software, will join us on our weekly Switchboard call to officially kick off the community.  This, of course, is awesome.  The fact that we have senior executive support for the community is phenomenal!  To enhance the community, we are leveraging all of IBM's new technologies for collaboration.  For example,
  • the Lotus Connections Forum can be used to post questions and gather opinions on certain issues from community members and any other IBMer worldwide!
  • the Lotus Social Software Quickr place contains collateral, customer deliverables, discussions, and other intellectual capital which community members have developed
  • Sametime 7.5.1 and the BroadcastSuite plugin which allows community members to instantly chat, get their questions answered and collaborate.  If you haven't installed the BroadcastSuite plugin yet on your Sametime client, do it today!!!! 

Today, I'm at a customer site to start a Lotus Connections install of Beta 2.  The interesting problem that we'll address here is integrating Lotus Connections with the customer's home grown applications.  I hope to post my findings as I go along.
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