Monday, October 17, 2016

Live Streaming Schedule for IBM World of Watson

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We are just one week away and I've been getting some questions on the live streaming schedule for IBM World of Watson 2016 (WoW). I'm happy to share that the most important keynotes will be live streamed via IBMGo.

Of course, one you can't miss is on Tuesday @ 4pm PT. Inhi Cho Suh will be sharing some cool updates on what's going on with Project Toscana (among other announcements related to the Future of Work). Here's the details as quoted from Marco Tempest, who will be joining us for the keynote:

Another highlight, like I had mentioned earlier, will be Ginni Rometty on Wednesday at 1pm PT.

To see more and sign up, go here: pick your favorite sessions and add them to your calendar.
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