Friday, December 18, 2015

Available for Download: IBM Docs 2.0 and IBM Connections 5.5

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As promised earlier this week, the recently announced IBM Connections 5.5 and IBM Docs 2.0 are now available for download.

As part of the launch, on Wednesday the product managers hosted a webcast to take you through some of the highlights of that release. If you missed it, you can still watch the recording.  Then, yesterday the product managers hosted an "Ask the Product Managers" session. There were so many questions that came in and were answered in hour! That session was also recorded. I did get a suggestion about getting a transcript and posting that for consumption so will look into that.

Below you will also find a presentation similar to what was used at the webcast earlier this week with details on what's new in this release.

And if you want to see IBM Connections 5.5 in action, check out the demo below:

Go get it and happy installing ! (oh and happy holidays and happy new year!)
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