Thursday, November 20, 2014

IBM Connections File Sync Plug-In for the Mac Is Now Available

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While #IBMVerse 's ability to drive a #NewWayToWork has taken the spotlight this week, there's more goodies to talk about today.  First, we are in the midst of rolling out some cool new features to our cloud.

One of the biggest new capabilities being rolled out is that today, is the day that IBM Connections Social Cloud customers can start using file sharing and sync from their Mac desktops / laptops.  This was something I had announced was coming earlier in the year when I had a chance to participate in the Social Connections event in Prague.  Since then, we started a beta and the feedback has been very positive. Therefore, we've decided to make this generally available today. With this new plug-in you can:
  • Get notifications instantly on the desktop or mobile when there is a change to a file
  • Upload files from your Mac without having to open a browser
  • Share uploaded files with your colleagues
  • Work on files locally and save directly to Connections
  • Lock a file to prevent file conflicts

To see it in action, check out this quick 2 minute demo:

Next, very soon we'll publish the IBM Connections Desktop Plug-In for Microsoft Windows to streamline the install experience for cloud users. Additionally, IBM Connections Content Manager (CCM) users can now do round-trip editing. This means that while they are browsing for files in a Library, users can click on "Edit" in the browser and the file will open with the user's favorite local editor. For example, a Word document, will be opened with the desktop app of Office 365. When the user is done editing, they simply close the local app and the file is then automatically saved and uploaded back to server.

But wait... there's more!

And lastly, we've also updated the IBM Connections app for desktop version of Microsoft Outlook (even if you are using Office 365). This new release features:
  • IBM Connections 5.0 Support
  • Community Folders
  • Metrics - view usage data for file and folder view access
  • @mentions - Enter names preceeded by @ for lookup and display as rich links
  • Support for hashtags - Enter tags preceeded by # to display as rich links
  • Open an editor to view an IBM Docs file
  • View stream updates using additional filters
The plugins are now available in the app catalog and you can download them at no additional cost from the links above. 
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