Monday, November 24, 2014

Check It Out -- New IBM Connections Features Available in Cloud

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Over the weekend, IBM rolled out new features to IBM Connections Social Cloud, the market-leading enterprise social collaboration platform.

In this month's release (if you are wondering, we'll skip updates in December because of the holidays so the next release will be in January), you'll find capabilities that the community has been asking for in the IBM Connections ideation area.

Our team put together a presentation so that you can see the new capabilities (see below) and here are some highlights I wanted to call out:
  • User Experience
    • With the announcement of #IBMVerse last week, we've enabled a new theme to match the visuals found in that product. Admins can choose to use this new theme. We'll keep updating this one, though don't hesitate to let us know what you think about this one. 
  • Files
    • New file sync and share plug-in for the Mac
    • Personal file storage now up to 1TB at no additional cost
    • Individual per file limit now up to 2GB (Safari/Chrome/Firefox browser required)
    • Admins now have more control over what users can do with files on mobile
  • Communities
    • Community owners can now disable the Mail Community option
    • Community owners can now reposition the Members, Important Bookmarks and Community Description apps
    • Store up to 50GB of files in Community Files at no additional cost
    • Attach up to 5GB of files in Community Wikis at no additional cost
Here's the presentation (and check out the slides towards the end for a sneak peek of the updated mobile app coming in the next few days):

For the entire list of what's new (including in the chat, messaging, and meetings components), check out the latest What's New in IBM Connections Cloud documentation.


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