Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Move Jive Content to IBM Connections

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I've been getting some questions recently on how to move from Jive (or other tools) to IBM Connections.  To that end, I wanted to highlight our automated migration tools that we can use to move people, content and places from your existing solution into IBM Connections.

Back in June of this year we had a webinar to announce these new automated tools to help customers move from Jive, SharePoint and others in to IBM Connections.  You can watch the replay here to get all the details.

Here's a quick summary of the process (again, for all the gory details, check out the webinar above).  The first step is to extract all content from Jive using an offline copy to ensure that there's no impact to current content in Jive places.

Next, the content is transformed and we've created a special set of transformation rules to accelerate this.

Once extracted, all the Jive content is then mapped to IBM Connections.

Once all the content has been extracted and transformed, the final step is to load the information into IBM Connections and this is done using the public IBM Connections APIs

Want to learn more? Go ahead and register for IBM ConnectED 2015 today! To get started, we recommend customers schedule a free Move To Connections workshop. 
Figure 3.  Move to IBM Connections Workshop

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