Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tip: How to Change the Default View of Community Events

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The other day I was asked how to change the default view of the Community Events app within IBM Connections.

For example, instead of coming into the list view of events, you may want to come into the grid view.

If that's the case, your admin can go in and make the following change to the widgets-config.xml file:

<widgetDef defId="Calendar" primaryWidget="false" showInPalette="true" description="calendarDescription" modes="view edit fullpage search" uniqueInstance="true" url="{communitiesSvcRef}/calendar/Calendar.xml?version={version}" iconUrl="{webresourcesSvcRef}/web/" helpLink="{helpSvcRef}/topic/"> <itemSet> <item name="calendarRoot" value="{communitiesSvcRef}/calendar" /> <item name="communitiesBaseUrl" value="{communitiesSvcRef}" /> <item name="defaultView" value="grid" /> <item name="version" value="{version}" /> ..

For more information on how to modify this file, please read the instructions here. And that would do it!!
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