Wednesday, November 21, 2012

IBM Connections 4.0 Performance Tuning Guide Now Available

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A few hours ago, the IBM Connections 4.0 Performance Tuning Guide was posted to

For those of you running Connections on premises or in the private cloud, you may want to go through this document. This document provides recommendations for performance tuning of IBM Connections 4 based on the experience of the performance team. I'm glad to report, if you didn't know this already, that the performance of 4.0 has significantly improved over 3.0 (which was also a huge improvement over 2.5). And our goal is to keep improving each release.

As you look through the document do note that not all the values shown will be optimal for each deployment. But this is a great way to configure your system and gives you a great starting point to start tuning from.

I've embedded the document below:

To download the full report, go here:
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