Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Video Streaming in Lotus Connections

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Back in January 2010, we had Lotusphere. Because something came up, I had to leave Lotusphere immediately after the Opening General Session. One of the things that I missed from the session was a new solution available from a business partner. Ever since Lotusphere, I kept hearing about "Genus this" and "Genus that" and I wasn't sure what it was until recently.

It turns out that Genus Technologies introduced its Media Upshot solution for Lotus Connections. I noticed that Ted Stanton had posted an internal file with some screenshots. When I took a peek at the screenshots, I was very impressed. Here are some screenshots so you can see how it looks.

I reached out to Genus and they sent me the following demo which shows how their solution integrates tightly into Lotus Connections.

So if you are looking to add video streaming to Lotus Connections, Genus is the way to go.


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