Monday, May 10, 2010

2nd Annual Bloggers Conference - A Recap

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As I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend was the 2nd Annual Bloggers Conference here in Puerto Rico. Unlike last year, this year's took place on a Saturday (as opposed to a Wednesday).

Since I was the first speaker of the day, I thought it would be appropriate to get the audience engaged and motivated with the revolution that is Social Media and some of its stats. And to get everyone up to speed with the latest on Social Media, I kicked off the day with this video from Socialnomics: Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh).

(hint: this is also a good way to burn 4 minutes ). Once the video was done, I talked about the benefits and business value of blogging inside and outside of the firewall. I briefly touched on some of the challenges and adoption topics, but there wasn't enough time to cover everything in 40 minutes (even if I had those extra 4 minutes from the video). I wanted to be respectful of the audience and leave enough time for questions.

There were some interesting questions from the audience. Some where specifically around IBM's usage, which product we use in our intranet (Lotus Connections, of course), and the best way to get others engaged.

After the conference, I received various requests to get a copy of my presentation (in Spanish). I've posted my presentation (along with speaker notes) in and you can download it from there.

In all, there were close to 150+ attendees and I think it went very well. There was one speaker that turned their 40 min slot into a 2 hr infomercial, and I hope that doesn't happen again next year.

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