Thursday, April 8, 2010

Microsoft OCS iWidget for Lotus Connections and WebSphere Portal

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Yesterday I told you how Epilio was able to get the Microsoft OCS presence awareness information in the Lotus Connections person card. Well, it turns out that the same company has also created an iWidget which can be deployed to Lotus Connections. That way, directly from the Lotus Connections Homepage, users will be able to communicate with others via Microsoft OCS, even if they don't have the Microsoft OCS client installed!

This integration is very timely because this is something that customers often ask me about. The nice thing about this widget is that since it complies to the iWidget standard, it can also be easily deployed to WebSphere Portal.

Epilio, an IBM Business Partner, has put together another nice video (sans audio) to demonstrate this capability:

You can find the source code and the documentation for this iWidget here.


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