Thursday, May 7, 2009

Use Lotus Mashups To Create Custom Reports for Lotus Connections

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Seems like Lotus Mashups is a popular topic in my blog. You may remember that last week, I introduced you to a wiki article that describes how to create a simple mash-up that leverages the Lotus Connections Profiles Reports-To Chain. Well, today I'm also going to talk about using Lotus Mashups together with Lotus Connections.

You see, recently, I was asked by a customer how to retrieve the total # of active users in Lotus Connections at any given time. Out of the box, Lotus Connections ships with a set of reports that displays this data. The reports, however, may not meet everyone's need. Of course, the reports can be customized as needed but some code is required.

Enter Lotus Mashups. Torsten Hoffman describes very nicely how to create a custom report for Lotus Connections without writing any code with the assistance of Lotus Mashups.

Very nicely done, Torsten!

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