Wednesday, April 13, 2016

From IBM Connect: Visualizing the IBM Connections Profiles Data

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One of the great things of IBM Connect is all the great content that's shared. I remember going to my first conference and readily absorbing as much content as possible and putting it into practice. Of course, with so much content, sometimes you can't attend all sessions. It's all good, however, when speakers choose to share their content in platforms such as Slideshare.

I recently ran into this deck that Matt Milza shared and figured I would re-share as it's a great example of what can be done with the IBM Connections APIs. In the presentation, Matt provides a background on the APIs, examples on how to interact with them, and then shows a practical implementation of something he did for a customer.

Using the social data stored within the system, Matt created this simple visualization of the report-to chain for an organization.

To walk through the process, check this out:

Want to learn more about building apps for IBM Connections? Check out:
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