Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Announcing IBM Connections 5.5 & IBM Docs 2.0

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I'm happy to announce the upcoming availability of IBM Connections 5.5 and IBM Docs 2.0, our next major on-premises release.  As we've done with previous releases, plus,given we have a single code base for cloud and on-prem, we've taken a snapshot of our cloud, made a few adjustments here and there, and we are making that available to our on premises customers.

There's over 100 new features and there's just no way that I can cover all of this in this post.  However, if you look at all the cool things that we've delivered to our cloud offering since our last major on-prem release (ie. IBM Connections 5.0) then you'll know everything that's part of IBM Connections 5.5.

So when can you get it ? As per the announcement letter that was published minutes ago, the software will be available for download this Friday. 

Now, let me get things going and cover some of the highlights for these releases:

IBM Docs 2.0
  • Inline comments are preserved while files are being edited offline (e.g. while on a plane working on a file without connectivity, you can see and reply to comments and your changes will be sync'ed back automatically when you are back in the network)
  • New file viewer with high quality previews and the ability to interact with content in view mode (e.g. show/hide columns)
  • Auto-publish your file updates and make them available to readers instantly or save file as draft and work with other editors before making the changes available to readers
  • Support up to 20 simultaneous editors at the same time
  • New API so that you can bring the power of our real-time collaborative editing capabilities to 3rd party file repositories.
  • ... and more!

IBM Connections 5.5

  • Organize your documents, presentations and more into your own nested folder hierarchy in Personal and Community Files
  • Brand new file viewer experience which allows you to find the content that you need faster and review it quickly without having to download
  • Build powerful team sites specific for your team needs (e.g. HR, Sales, Marketing, etc) with new configuration capabilities such as:
    • New community layouts
    • Responsive apps so you can just drag-n-drop between columns in one motion
    • Rename apps based on your audience
    • A brand new Rich Content app which you can use for announcements or embedding content from the web 
    • and much more.. !
  • Smart type-ahead search to find what you need instantly
  • Enhancements to the rich text editor such as permanent pen, sort table data, and more
  • Real-time alerts on your desktop (for HTML5 browsers) to notify you when content needs your attention
  • ... and more!

We have a demo and a new Reviewer's Guide coming up so stay tuned for details. Want to learn more? Check out the webcast tomorrow where the product managers will take you through what is new in these releases. Want even more ? Then join us for the Ask the Product Managers session for Thursday and we'll take your questions.

So if you are using IBM Connections on-premises, get ready for an upgrade and let me know when you've upgraded!

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