Wednesday, February 11, 2015

AppFusions brings Dropbox, Box, Office 365/OneDrive, and Google Drive to IBM Connections

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As we continue to wrap up from IBM ConnectED 2015 (and get ready for IBM InterConnect 2015), I wanted to highlight a new solution showcased at ConnectED 2015.  The solution comes from AppFusions and brings together many cloud file services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive directly into IBM Connections.

For example, IBM Connections users to access, preview, edit, share, upload, and locally download OneDrive files directly from the IBM Connections platform.

Here are the features that AppFusions calls out (note: if you are not using Office 365 and instead you are using Google Drive or another cloud file service, you can pretty much substitute OneDrive below for your cloud file service.):
  • Natively authenticate, access and navigate your OneDrive/Box/Dropbox/Google Drive file directory, including sub directories, from IBM Connections
  • Preview files
  • Edit OneDrive files in Office365 from within IBM Connections, regardless of OS or Browser
  • Save back edits, direct to OneDrive/Box/Dropbox/Google Drive, from IBM Connections
  • Upload local files to OneDrive, from within IBM Connections
  • Download a copy of any OneDrive file, locally
  • Share OneDrive files (and identify share settings), from IBM Connections
  • Supports: Office365 native file formats, Adobe PDF files, Zip files, text files, etc.
Want to see it in action? Check out the quick 2 minute demo:

To learn more, check out the solution page in the AppFusions site for the integration that you are looking for:

AppFusions is offering a free 30 day trial so check out the links above for more details.
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