Monday, January 12, 2015

IBM ConnectED 2015 - Two Weeks To Go and Where To Find Me

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We are now two weeks away to start IBM ConnectED 2015. Last week, I returned from vacation and travelled to Boston to work on the keynote demo.  Things are looking very cool and can't wait to show it to everyone.

I'm also starting to work on my calendar for the week.  I know that many attend the conference to get a chance to speak to the development, design and product management teams of your favorite product (such as IBM Connections).

To make it easy, I've created this table with dates, times and locations where one of the IBM Connections Product Managers will be presenting. Mark your calendars!

If you want to connect with me, my sessions are ID103, AD102 and CHALK105.  Like the previous two years, this year I'll have the opportunity to present the roadmap for IBM Connections. So if you want to know what's coming in the future for IBM Connections, you can't miss ID103.  It repeats twice on Monday so you have two chances to see the content!

If you want to set up time with me ahead of time, contact me !

Additionally, if you were in the US and happened to be watching one of the football playoff games, you may have seen the new IBM Verse ad which you can play here.  If not, check it out here:

See you in two weeks! I'm looking forward to connect with the community.

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