Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IBM Releases Glimpse into IT Future In The 2011 Tech Trends Report

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IBM has just released the results of its 2011 Tech Trends Report. The report provides insight into the most significant enterprise technology trends and is based on the input of more than 4,000 IT professionals and developers across 93 countries and 25 different industries.  This report is unique as it surveys the development community, the people that are in the trenches everyday making IT work for countless businesses around the world.

Whether you are interested in social business, open source, cloud, mobile or analytics, there is something for everyone in this report. I personally have an inclination towards cloud, mobile, analytics and social business, so the report was a great read to say the least.

Here are some key findings from the report (in no particular order):

  1. Mobile - Android leads the way with 70% of respondents saying they are looking to develop for that platform compared to 49% for iOS.  Why are people choosing Android?  The openness and ease of development make Android the platform of choice.
  2. Cloud Computing - 40% of respondents indicated that their organization is not using any mobile technology, but 75% said that in 2 years their organizations will begin to leverage the cloud representing a tremendous opportunity for cloud vendors.  The top motivators for adopting cloud technology?  58% say it's because of flexibility and scalability and 40% say it's to reduce capital costs. 
  3. Social Business - Organizations are looking to deploy internal social business platforms (43%) and are considering using external deployments (41%) and using mass market social networks (20%).  The top challenge cited by organizations?  48% cited end user adoption of their social business platform, a topic I've talked a lot in the past. 

In the following video, Sandy Carter, VP of IBM Social Business, talks about the results of the social business survey.

In this second video, my colleague Suzanne Livingston talks about the results found in the mobile area:

To view the report and learn more about the Tech Trends, check out:
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